Slotted Welding fabrication bench/table with fixture block

Slotted Welding fabrication bench/table with fixture block


Welding and fabrication tables, the finest available. Our fabrication tables are cut on a very high end laser, with a tolerance of +/- .005 creating the flattest and most reliable fixture block style welding bench.

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The rib frame is 8″ deep/tall on the 48×96 / 60×120 tables, and 6″ on the smaller tables. This robust rib skeleton creates the rigidity and flatness required for the flattest, and most resilient table you could ever need.

SPECS: 1/4 HRPO, 5/8 holes, spaced 2″ on center. Standard fixture table clamps work perfectly with our tables.

The real value of our tables is not just the flatness, but the ability to clamp work to any location on the table.

Aside from the precision of the laser, our superior quality comes from our custom designed cut paths which work WITH the laser to allow for a perfect cut, we have never encountered a burr because our design is tailored to the machine cutting our parts. We only use new steel, so parts arrive free of dents and dings.

What makes our table the smartest option for our clients is our competitive pricing. Our pricing is impossible to beat, and we achieve this without cutting any corners.

Tables come with all brackets you will need to install your own tube legs and casters.

To add to our unbeatable value, we pay shipping to your nearest terminal or commercial address with a forklift / loading dock. Residential lift gate is also offered for a flat rate of $160.

Fully fabricated tables also available upon request. $25/square foot for your table to be shipped fully assembled and ready for work. Please allow an additional 2 weeks.

**This listing is for the kit, which must be assembled by the client once it arrives. Estimate 2-3 hours assembly time for a 4×4 table. We also build them for an additional fee, build times vary.


48×48, 48×96, 60×60, 60×120